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Edmonton Success Story – Article on Howard Dudley

21 years in the business and Howard Dudley knows what he wants, where he is taking his business and what clients he wants to attract. Not many people have this kind of clarity. Ever since Howard opened Dudley & Associates, he has completely enjoyed being his own boss and the sole captain of his destiny.

Love Helping People

Dudley enjoys helping people, especially those in the small business community. Often, those who are starting out are unable to comprehend the number of tax issues they have to deal with. Many people see taxes as some gibberish, numbers which are hard to comprehend. Many of them are oblivious to the myriad tax rules and tax breaks. Howard Dudley helps create an informed client who can make better decisions for his business.

Dudley is especially focused on small businesses because he loves the energy and enthusiasm their entrepreneurs bring. They don’t just hand over the books and say, “Get the job done”, they are willing to be part of the process too.

The Business Structure

Building the structure of his accounting firm was tough and even now, Dudley points out that it’s still evolving. He built a business that is able to fluidly transform with a person’s changing motivation. For example, when Dudley & Associates was first incorporated, he worked with many accounting students who neededa strong structure to fall back on. However, today, he has a range of experienced accountants who prefer their free space to finish the job.

Additionally, Dudley has ingrained his own work values in the business structure – trust, honesty, integrity. “Many accountants can say the same for their businesses, and they would all be great to work with. But these are the things you should really be looking for when you pick who your accountant will be”, he comments.

A Family Firm

What Dudley offers his clients are a homely and professional family firm.Dudley decided that his firm would radiate a warm and welcoming embrace to business clients. To serve them better, he would learn the ins and outs of their business. In turn, they would come to him for advice on various financial matters.

He roped in many clients who did not want the cold touch of a large accounting organization.

Family Sacrifices

Any entrepreneur will know that building and running a business takes a toll on the family life and it was the same for Dudley. His own family was very flexible on the choices he made. As much as he could, he tried to make sufficient time for both work and home.

“You hope you make the right choices, but ultimately, the only person you have to blame is yourself in the end… your business doesn’t love you back, only your family can do that for you”, Dudley firmly states. With more responsible associates, he wants to reduce his time at the office.

In the future,he is looking to change his role from the front-liner to the mentor of his organization.

There are new people frequently joining the organization. He helps them build their skill sets and ensures the smooth functioning of the team. He is a man who captains his ship and weathers the storms for his clients.

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