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Facebook Ads for Dental Clinics

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In modern days, social media has become a master of advertising. Social media helps in boosting any promotions for any business or event. Social media has so much potential to boost the reach for your dental clinic. Amongst many social media platforms, Facebook is one that shows up as most beneficial. In September of 2019, Facebook has reported 1.63 million daily active users on average. You can imagine the kind of exposure your dental clinic will get on Facebook. On Facebook, ads are one of the most powerful ways to promote your dental clinic. Facebook ads have changed the way people used to advertise. Dental clinics don’t need to have a big budget to advertise with the traditional methods. Facebook ads need a small payment for your ads to boost up. Facebook ads also provide you with the option to customize your reach and audience. There are many things that you would want to know about Facebook ads. So we are providing information on how dental clinics can benefit themselves through facebook ads.

Benefits of Facebook Ads for Dental Clinics

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You Get Access to a Wide Range of Information

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With Facebook ads, you get access to the information that you won’t get in traditional media advertising. On Facebook ads, you can research the kind of ads that work and the kind of audience you can target. This information in traditional advertising is not available to small businesses. But in Facebook ads, no matter how big or small your business is, you can get this information. Such information is very significant in creating the right advertising content for the right kind of target audience.

It is More Affordable than Other Advertising Mediums

Facebook ads are more affordable than traditional advertising. Whether the dental clinic is large or small, Facebook charges everyone the same price. The cost of ads is very minimal than those of traditional ads. It also gives you far more wide reach than traditional advertising. You can choose the target audience as you want to, you can have a broader audience, or you can narrow it. Facebook charges are set according to your advertisement strategy, the wider reach and audience you choose, the more the cost would increase. You can also opt for bidding if you need Facebook ads on a tight budget.

Facebook Advertising Works Faster

When advertising on other traditional media platforms, the advertisement goes through various stages before getting displayed. First, you would need to make the advertisement; then, you will have to buy the space or slot for the advertisement to be displayed. Whether it be radio, television or banners, you would need to buy a space to display the ad; this will take time for your ad to get displayed. Whereas on Facebook, no such thing is required, you have to make the ad and within minutes, you can publish the ad on the platform. Also, you get a wider reach among the audience. As of 2019, there are 23.8 million Facebook users in Canada.

Advertising on Facebook is Flexible

You can run multiple Facebook ads for dental clinics at a time and can test run to see which one works more efficiently. Whereas in traditional advertising, you would need to create the advertisement on the drawing board, then it would go through editing and approvals of editors. On Facebook ads, to edit something, you need to make some clicks for the changes and you will be done. You won’t even get instant analysis of your ads on traditional media, whereas, on Facebook, you get analytics from the point your ad is uploaded. Also, you can run various kinds of ads at once on Facebook at a minimal cost, whereas this is not possible for traditional media.

Types of Facebook Ads for Dental Clinics

When advertising on Facebook, you have various types of ads available to select from. Facebook ads have types of ad formats that you can choose. Basically, Facebook provides you with six types of ad formats that are; image ads, video ads, slideshow ads, carousel ads, instant experience ads and collection ads. You can use any of these ad formats based on which ad format best suits your dental clinic marketing plan. Until here, we stated the different types of ad formats. So, now we are providing you with information on what kind of Facebook ads for dental clinics can be used. 

You Can Speak Directly with Your Local Patients

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To make such Facebook ads for dental clinics, you need to talk with your local patient directly. This will help you attract many new customers. Well, it is easy to get repeated appointments from one patient. What difficult is to get first-time customers to your doorstep. Dental clinics can provide offers in their directly speaking ads to attract first-time customers. The offers can be varied; you can give an amazon gift card for a visit; a free electric toothbrush can be offered, free teeth whitening or free x-ray. You can also put such offers in the advertising on some special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s day or any other day you think can be put an offer on. 

Make Real-life Transformation Story Videos for Facebook

Story videos are what attract people on Facebook. Such videos pull an amazing number of the audience because the video contains a real-life story that hits more emotional chords with people. You can make a video showing some real-life teeth transformation at your dental clinic. You can record the reactions of your patients when they see their teeth transformation; the reaction captured would be priceless. The reaction video can be shot with a proper production team, or if not, you can shoot it on a mobile phone. One benefit of shooting on the phone is that the video will be vertically viewed on the mobile phone and that will give more authentic feeling to the viewers. After seeing such transformations, people can go to your page or website to make an appointment.

Display Social Proof With Your Facebook Ads

Social proof is someone talking or posting positively about you publicly and you post it on social media. Such posts are considered social proof. You can add such social proofs in your Facebook ads for dental clinics. Social proof can be a positive comment from anyone. It can be an article about your dental clinic in the newspaper, a positive review by your customer, a brand endorsement by any celebrity or politician or anyone mentioning about your dental clinic in their blogs. You should post such social proofs with your Facebook ads for dental clinics. It will gain the trust of your audience and your chances of gaining more potential customers increases. The social proof of your dental clinic doesn’t need to come from a huge personality or on a big platform. Even a local celebrity or politician or local newspaper can help to boost your business.

Provide Clear Information on the Ads

When people log into Facebook, they haven’t come there to fix a dental appointment. People log in to Facebook to view memes, videos, images to pass out their time. They may feel bored when they see an ad and may ignore it and go on scrolling. So you have to make sure that your Facebook ads for dental clinics fit in between such content. For that to happen, you should clarify everything about your ad in a single image. Only sometimes you can direct them to other web pages, but mostly give them everything on a single image ad. Provide important information about the dental clinic in the ads, so they don’t have to click on the link and go through images.

Upload Photos of Your Staff

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When you upload a photo of your staff in ads, people get to know more about your work. People will get comfortable when coming for treatment. Because they will be familiar with the faces. So it makes it easy for you and the patient too. When you share your staff personals, image people tend to feel that you want to engage with them. They feel like you want them to know more about you. So including yourself or your staff members’ photos on Facebook ads for dental clinics can be beneficial.

Focus On the Content of Ads

You have gathered various advertising techniques until now. But what is most important that you should not get diverted from content in the Facebook ads for dental clinics. Your ad would be reaching to numerous amounts of people, but do they feel to get an appointment for their treatment. When they read your ad, they should be able to understand the required information. Make your ads informative and explanatory and brand your dental clinics as the experts they should go for. Your dental clinic’s name should come first in their mind when the time is right. You could also make videos of the patient telling about some issues and you advising them on how to solve it. You can also write blogs on dental care and could post them on Facebook. Interested people will visit and read the blog.

Tips for Facebook Ads for Dental Clinics

You may or may not be working on some ideas for Facebook ads that you would execute. But it is always better to get some tips on how you could work it out. There are 2.45 billion monthly active users on Facebook reported as on September 2019. So you would need the right tips to attract a huge audience. So here we provide some tips on Facebook ads for dental clinics.

Test Run Multiple Ads

When you are creating a Facebook ad, you may assume about which ad will perform well. But this is not the case when you put your ad up on Facebook. Sometimes what you think is the best creative ad may not perform on top. That is what happens with creativity; you can’t predict what will work and what will not with the audience. So, to know which ads are working and which are not, you should make multiple types of ads and run them on Facebook. Keep checking the analytics of all the ads, monitor the ads on the aspects of how much clicks, engagement and reach a specific ad is generating. The one ad that excels at reaching the objective push that ad. Spend a little more amount on that ad to get more exposure and audience. 

Post Engaging Ads on Your Facebook page

Your Facebook page may have a good number of likes, but you would be striving to reach all your followers. Consider you have 100 likes on your Facebook page, but your post will reach only 20 people or so. So to reach everyone who follows you on Facebook is a challenge that everyone aces. To reach the number of followers on your Facebook page, you would need to upload engaging ads. Engaging Facebook ads will make the audience to like, comment and share your posts. Even if you could change the objective of your Facebook ad to engagement. By doing so, you will get more exposure to your Facebook page. Engagement ads will give your content the audience who already like, comments and share. You can also take the help of Facebook’s targeting options to put your ads in front of the new audience.

Boost Your Existing Popular Facebook Post

Boosting a popular Facebook post that you uploaded some time ago will prove to be beneficial. The post has already worked and has likes, comments and shares, so boosting it and showing it to a new audience will surely give you more engagement and followers. When creating a new post, you don’t know if it will work on generating a new audience or not. So better will be that sometimes, you should boost a post that has already generated a good amount of clicks and engagement. Boosting will give you a guaranteed new audience and more sales.

Content should be made Mobile-friendly

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Every person today is using mobile phones and most of the engagement on the internet happens through mobile. In Canada, as of August 2019, Facebook has accounted for 57.56% of all mobile social media site visits. A reason behind making mobile-friendly content is that the content made on the web for desktop may not transfer well on the mobile. But the content made on the web for mobile transfers well on the desktop. So, whenever you make an advertisement on Facebook, firstly, make it mobile-friendly. It will be helpful to reach the kind of audience you need for your dental clinic. Try to make the videos vertically, because then the audience on the mobile won’t need to tilt their phone and see the ad. It may sound goofy, but it does work. You can also opt for Story Ads and Instant Experience ads, both the ads gives the viewer a full-screen experience that can lead them to a landing page.

Put Landing Pages or Call-To-Action in Your Facebook Ads

When doing Facebook ads for dental clinics, you don’t just need the views. You need the audience to recognize and come to your dental clinic, for which adding a landing page or call-to-action button on your ad is sensible. A landing page is a web page specifically for the advertisement and it’s another vital purpose is to make the audience do a call-to-action. A landing page is a great way to ask the audience before they buy your services. 

The Call-to-action button too holds such importance in Facebook ads. As you know, you want more customers to recognize and get dental services from your clinic. So including a call-to-action button like, call now or visit our website will be very useful. A call-to-action button is a major technique to generate more audience and customers for your dental clinics.

Keep in Check with Your Competition

A major challenge for your dental clinic would be another dental clinic in your locality and on Facebook. You will have to compete on Facebook with them. It can be possible that they are generating more good audiences and customers with better Facebook ads and strategies. You would need to research their Facebook ads and strategies. Check what is working for them and what ideas are they implying for better audience reach. You can take inspiration from your competitor and create the content that would help you to stay healthy in the competition. And don’t plagiarise their content because the same content by two dental clinics would not generate many audiences and no one would get leads.

Video Ads will Be Helpful for Engaging the Audience

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Don’t think that no one will watch video ads as they are time-consuming. Video ads on Facebook can generate more audience than imagery ads. A video ad is likely to get more views than a standard imagery ad. There are a wide number of users who watch daily videos on Facebook. So when uploaded video, you have more chances of getting recognized by the audience. You can do various creativity with your video ads, you can tell about the kind of services you provide at your dental clinic, or you can put your customer reviews about your clinic. The time limit for Facebook ads is 240 minutes, which means you actually have no time limit for your Facebook ads. But that doesn’t mean you make long video ads. A short and sweet video ad is what even the audience likes to watch. And make sure your video ads are engaging the audience and creating interest. You can put a call-to-action strategy at the end of the video too.

Steps to Create Your Facebook Ads

Now you have known what techniques and types you can use to make Facebook ads for dental clinics. So now, we are shedding some light on how you can create a Facebook ad. Creating a Facebook ad is one of the easiest and flexible tasks. You can customize the parameters of the ads as you want them too. Facebook provides a great tool for that, so you can learn from the following how to create a Facebook ad.

  • The First step is to Choose the Objective of Your Ad Campaign.

When you create an ad campaign, the first step is to select an objective. When you click on Create Campaign, you will be taken to select an objective. The objective of the campaign will depend on the goal of your ad campaign. There are three types of ad objectives:

  1. Awareness: This objective helps to put your ad in front of your target audience as much as possible.
  2. Consideration: Those who already know about your business will make them take action and invest in your services.
  3. Conversion: It helps to make a person convert who is already considering a purchase.
  • The Second Step is to Choose the Audience

After you are done with choosing your ad objective, you will be choosing the audience you want to target. You will have to determine what type of audience you are targeting. You can choose the audience based on demographics and occupation. Demographics can be like age, gender, income, family, etc. This would help you to decide the perfect audience for your ads. You can also choose the audience by the radius of the area. You can choose a radius of about a mile to target the audience in your locality.

  • The Third Step is to Choose the Platforms to display Your Ads

There are various platform options that Facebook will provide you to advertise your ad on. Approx 2.2 billion people use Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger daily on an average. You can choose them wisely as you need them. Facebook will provide you with four platforms for sharing your ads.

  1. Facebook: You can post your ads on the Facebook News Feed, the right column or both.
  2. Instagram: You will be able to post on the famous photo-sharing app.
  3. Audience Network: These are the companies that have partnered with Facebook.
  4. Messenger: This will make your ads appear on Facebook’s messaging app, “Messenger.”
  • The Fourth Step is to Run Your Ads

At this step, we are ready to run our ads on Facebook. You have to plan the kind of ad you want to make for the Facebook ad campaign. There are various Facebook ad formats are available to choose one for advertisement. 

  1. Carousel Ad: In carousel ads, you can add two or more scrollable videos or images.
  2. Image Ad: You can create six ads with one image each and no extra charge will be put.
  3. Video Ad: You can create a video ad.
  4. Slideshow Ad: Here, you can create a looping video ad with up to ten images.

The recommended image size by Facebook is 1200 x 628 pixels and the suggested ratio is 1.9:11.

Use Analytics to Track your Facebook Ads

After you have published the ads, you can then use Facebook Analytics to track record of your Facebook ads for dental clinics. It will help you to figure out the loopholes in your plan and will also tell you how much you have progressed. Analytics are used widely by many to track their ad campaigns. It is an essential tool to be used for Facebook ad campaigns.

Now you would have come to know how to create strong and powerful Facebook ads for dental clinics. If you are planning to make Facebook ads for dental clinics, do consider these tips. You will be able to gain a maximum amount of audience at an affordable cost. You would have come to know how essential it is to use Facebook ads. It could give you the amount of output that traditional media won’t be able to. So to make any Facebook ads for dental clinics in the future, consider this blog.

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