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How to Expand Your Organic Reach on Social Media

Expanding your reach on social media platforms requires a good understanding of how to approach SEO to make your content more engaging. To create a better user experience on their platforms, social media channels use their SEO with algorithms that promote posts to a small percentage of your target audience. The more users engage with your content, the more likely it will be introduced to a larger pool of followers. This ensures that content remains engaging to garner a wider reach. 

With this type of online marketing, knowing the characteristics of engaging and shareable content is essential to ensure the spread of your posts on the platform of your choice. Here are some ways that your business can expand its organic reach on social media:

  • Focus Your Efforts Where It Counts

When covering social media, many businesses assume that they need to have a strong presence on every platform, from Facebook to Twitter and even Pinterest. The truth is that the platform you choose to funnel your effort into should depend on where your audience is most present. By dialling down and choosing the most appropriate channel for your social media content strategy, you’ll be able to deliver a more focused approach that can produce better results. 

Here are some ways to help you decide which social media channel is best for your business:

Do a Survey

Getting more information about which social media platforms your customers use can be as simple as asking them. Distributing surveys to your mailing list or calling your clients is an effective way to understand their social media habits better.

Take Note of Share Counts

Your blog’s data analytics will provide you with valuable insights on which platforms your audience is using to share your content. Use these numbers as a basis for deciding which social media outlets to focus on. 

Be Where Your Competitors Are

Another good indicator of where you should be present on social media is where your competitors are posting and sharing. Take a cue from them to know where you should be posting as well.

  • Optimize with SEO

In the same way that your website’s digital marketing strategies include search engine optimization tactics, social media marketing can also be optimized for better visibility. These tactics include easy to remember brand logos and usernames, content with integrated keywords, and links back to your website. Pay attention to the kind of images you post, the keywords you use, and your call-to-action the same way you would when publishing content on your website.

  • Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content should stay fresh for readers over a long period. While the content on social media is notorious for having short life spans, you should still strive to create engaging and relevant content that will stand out even after time passes. Don’t publish content that will easily expire. Instead, produce content that solves problems in your industry, showcases a sense of humour, and sparks feelings of shock or awe to create a lasting impact. 


Boosting your organic social media reach is not that much different from increasing traffic on your website. The key is knowing how to adjust your marketing strategy for high-quality content, optimization, and user experience on these different platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even TikTok, approaching your social media efforts the same way you do your SEO work will surely allow you to reach a wider audience.

Here at Rapid Boost Marketing, we provide several online marketing services from Edmonton, including managed websites, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and content marketing solutions. To improve your business’s SEO performance, schedule a consultation with us today!

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