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Lessons I learned from my fridge… Part one – Leftovers & Leads

A fridge is something that most of us have.  It may be a hub in your kitchen, it may be the place where family photos go, it may be a place you spend too much time in front of!

A fridge can keep food cold, pictures posted, but did you also know that it teaches business lessons? What lessons you may ask?! Allow me to explain…

I was speaking with my client this week about leads that she had not followed up on and it reminded my of my fridge… Sometimes when I go to my fridge I find great treasures! Next to the 3 week old mouldy rice and beans appears last nights left over steak, which will go deliciously with this morning’s eggs. The left over baked potato will make a great base for hash browns with said steak and eggs. But, before this turns into a cooking blog, I’ll bring it back to business.

My client told me about leads that she had been sitting on for months, and my mind went immediately to the jug of milk that had been in my fridge for weeks. When I picked up that milk, knowing the expiry date, did I really need to take the lid off and smell to see if it was OK? No way!  I know it’s not good so I tossed it. When I reach to the back of the fridge and see a red pepper that is now more green than red I don’t take a little taste to check, I toss it.  If I truly want to take advantage of the good food in my fridge I must eat it in a reasonable amount of time. And there’s the gem – It is the same thing with leads.

Successful business people follow up with referrals and leads as soon as possible.  The referrals or leads we receive are like the food we buy from the grocery store.  The moment we purchase food it is at its peek value and it goes down in value every day we keep it in the fridge.

If you are sitting on leads and waiting for the perfect time to follow up, think of that container hidden in the back of your fridge or think of this Chinese Proverb, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Don’t let good leads or referrals sit on your desk to rot! Make a call, send an email, or go and visit them and make a meal Chef Ramsey would be proud of!

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