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Here are seven common problems Toronto homes experience with their commercial HVAC system:

# Poor Air Quality:
Does the air coming out of your vents seem dirty, or carrying an unpleasant odour? Indoor air quality (IAQ) can result from many issues, including dirty air filters, condensed stagnant water inside equipment, and a lack of fresh or ventilated air. Remember, filters should be changed 3 – 4 times per year at a minimum to keep dust, allergens, and other air pollutants out of your office space, so if your filters are old, changing them asap is a significant first step to help clear the air.

# Improper Air Balancing in Your Commercial HVAC System:
Is one of your offices always colder than the others? Or do some rooms take longer to heat up? This could be a problem with the dampers, which control airflow through the ducts within your commercial HVAC system. If the dampers are not correctly balanced, you’re going to have uneven temperatures throughout your home or office.

# Strange Noises:
If you’re facing an issue of noises coming from the vents every time the commercial HVAC system activates, there could be a broken damper or piece of ductwork that has become loose. Not only can the noise be irritating, but the cause could also cause harm to your system and affect its efficiency. This should be looked into immediately to prevent further damage and high repair cost.

# Water Leakage From Your Commercial HVAC System:
Water leaking from your commercial HVAC system could be the result of a drain line being clogged with dirt, algae, or other debris. When this happens, water can back up into the drain pan, causing it to leak out and potentially cause water damage and introduce bacteria to space. Avoiding a clogged drained line is as simple as having it cleaned out as part of a regular Preventative Maintenance Program.

# Unusually Warm Air:
When the air blowing out of your vents isn’t cold, it could be a sign that your system has developed a refrigerant leak. Refrigerants are the liquid agents that cool and dehumidify indoor air. Insufficient refrigerant levels in your system can negatively affect your system’s performance and cause other work overtime components. This can lead to additional, expensive repairs if the issue isn’t addressed quickly.

# Poor Performance From Your Commercial HVAC System:
Does your commercial HVAC system seem less efficient than usual? It could be a simple maintenance issue, such as evaporator and condenser coils that need cleaning. Your economizer dampers might be dirty as well, causing them to become stuck in a particular position, which can either stop your system from utilizing outside air to cool the inside or overloading the cooling coil with too much hot air from the outside. In any case, calling a professional to conduct a thorough cleaning is to help solve the problem.

# Increasing Energy Costs:
One sign of a poorly performing system that might be noticeable is a sudden, inexplicable rise in your heating and cooling costs. If you see an upward trend in energy usage, even if your commercial HVAC system seems to be functioning normally, it’s time to call in the professionals.

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