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Using the Holidays to Improve Your Brand’s Online Presence

The season for giving is when consumers are at their most active, shopping for products and ordering services for holiday preparations. It’s a time where homes and neighbourhoods are setting up decorations to match the ambiance for future festivities. It’s the prime time for businesses to engage with their customer base and expand their online presence. Besides setting up holiday-themed décor in their offices, they’re also sprucing up their website to brace for the influx of online traffic.

Timing your SEO with the holidays

The convenience of the internet has grown so much that people prefer to shop online instead of visiting brick-and-mortar stores. This means that business owners need to update their online stores to attract the right customers. Although you should invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) all year round, some strategies will work better during the holidays.

If you want to capitalize on the increase in consumer traffic online, here are three ways to increase your brand’s online presence during the holidays:

  1. Add holiday-specific pages to your website

It’s typical for businesses to update their website with holiday-themed changes to match the festive occasion. These adjustments can come in visual changes to the layout by swapping colour palettes. However, the most impactful improvements aren’t just aesthetic upgrades.

Creating holiday-specific pages for the holiday season is an exciting way to attract new and old customers to use your site. It can be a landing page for discounts, promos, or limited-edition product lines that you’ll only offer during the holidays. Make sure that you use long-tail keywords in optimizing meta description headlines and content. Doing so ensures that it will appear on holiday shoppers’ search queries.

  1. Sell new products and services

In line with publishing holiday-specific landing pages, you should also take advantage of that opportunity to release new products and services. Having new content to look forward to on your site is one way to engage your current customer base. Inversely, re-releasing old products can be an excellent way to bring back some of your previous offers for a limited time. It’s a strategy that businesses use to create an artificial sense of limited supply and timed demand to elicit urgency from their demographic.

  1. Optimize your site for mobile devices

Many consumers now prefer to browse online through their mobile phones, even if desktops and laptops technically have more powerful specs to load websites. This simple change in viewing medium will challenge business owners and their upcoming anticipation for online traffic.

It’s important to anticipate a large volume of online viewers to use your site during the holidays, especially if you’re in the eCommerce business. Slow load times due to this traffic can be a cause for bounce rates to spike up. This is why you should optimize your site’s content and elements for mobile devices. Don’t limit your plans for a site redesign, but keep in mind that you should skip on the features that will slow down your site.


When drafting your digital marketing campaigns, it’s necessary to highlight the right time to execute your marketing efforts. With the right timing, you can capitalize on the holiday season’s influx of consumers who will rush to their devices for their holiday needs. Optimizing your SEO on the weeks leading to the holidays will be an effective way to reinvigorate customer engagement and attract new customers to your brand.

Having your hands full during the holidays can cause you to make critical mistakes during this golden opportunity. If you need professional online marketing services to lessen your workload, our experienced marketing specialists can help you. Reach out to us today, and we’ll handle your holiday worries for you!

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